The European Chamber of Commerce
of Sri Lanka

The European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (ECCSL) was founded in 1996 and operates with a counsel of expertise, along with the chamber secretariat, to promote and strengthen trade and investment between Sri Lanka and European member states. ECCSL aims to provide a variety of services, including business information, advisory, promotional and support services, and B2B networking to enhance and facilitate SL-EU business relations. ECCSL is a member of EBOWN (European Business Organisation Worldwide Network) and several other national and international Chambers of Commerce/business associations and has over 200 members. 

As the sole voice and window of trade and investment for Sri Lanka and the European region, ECCSL has played a significant role in facilitating EU-SL business relations through its multidimensional resource network both locally and internationally.

Board Members

Office Bearers - ECCSL

Mr Hatem Rajabdeen


Mr John Wilson

Vice President

Mr Dilipan Tyagarajah


Mr Arnold Perera

Immediate Past President

Mr Simon Bell

Board Director

Board Directors - ECCSL

Mr Ahamed Ur Rahman

Ms Roshani J Moraes

Mr Mario Stubbs

Mr Thomas Daetwyler

Ms Radhini De Costa

Mr. Hans O. Svendsen

Member Facilities

ECCSL offers various services to help businesses gain visibility and traction in markets. These include contributing to flagship events, advertising opportunities on ECCSL communication platforms, advocacy services, and arranging meetings with respective authorities and Government agencies. Businesses can also participate in ECCSL Strategic Committees and join brainstorming and idea-generation activities. ECCSL also provides brand visibility on the website and sends monthly newsletters and quarterly magazines with trade news, market and product analysis, and relevant up-to-date information.

Our Partners

Events and Activities

Launch of ECCSL’s report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

22 March 2024

ECCSL’s new report in partnership with the Strengthening Social Cohesion and Peace in Sri Lanka (SCOPE) programme, co-financed by the European Union and the German Federal Foreign Office, explores the transformative potential of DEI initiatives in Sri Lankan businesses.

JFS Holdings participated in the Sri Lanka Foreign Service Association Christmas Charity Bazar

2 December 2023

The Sri Lanka Foreign Service Association (SLFSA) in collaboration with the ‘Good Market’, a non-profit organization conducted its first Christmas Charity Bazar on 2 December 2023. JFS Holdings; a member of the ECCSL participated in the bazaar, offering their product services under the ‘EU Green’ theme.

Advocacy and Market Access

The EU-Sri Lanka Investor Dialogue is an annual roundtable where the EU delegation, government authorities, European diplomatic missions, heads of ministries, and ECCSL member companies discuss policy reforms. ECCSL members get a one-minute slot to express their concerns.

Market Access Teams are sectoral committees that organize monthly meetings and quarterly/bi-annual events for their sector-based ECCSL companies. These events promote development, knowledge-sharing, and networking.

Currently, there are 5 MAT (Market Access Team) Committees; Power and Energy, Transport and Logistics, Travel and Tourism, Food and Agriculture and Financial Services.

Pioneering AI Governance: Unveiling Singapore’s Model Framework

Pioneering AI Governance: Unveiling Singapore’s Model Framework

Pioneering AI Governance: Unveiling Singapore’s Model Framework

Pioneering AI Governance: Unveiling Singapore’s Model Framework

Pioneering AI Governance: Unveiling Singapore’s Model Framework

Pioneering AI Governance: Unveiling Singapore’s Model Framework

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ECCSL Secretariat – Contact Information

Dhishna Bastiansz (Ms.)

General Manager

Dilinthri Rajamuni (Ms.)

Finance and Administration Manager

Andrea Moore

Trade & Partnerships Officer

William Baxter

Project Lead - Inclusive Business Practices/ SCOPE Project

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