Branding Opportunities in ECCSL Newsletter

The ECCSL Newsletter published each month is the one-stop source for all ECCSL news and information along with member news, promotions and the economic & business highlights from both Sri Lanka and European

ECCSL newsletters are being circulated among 3000 subscribers including ECCSL members, European diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan diplomatic missions in Europe and Sri Lankan & European trade associations ECCSL is partnered with. ECCSL newsletters are available on our official website for viewing of a global audience as well.

Therefore, it is an excellent mode of communication to create brand awareness and share organization news/promotions/events and build business opportunities within ECCSL membership as well as between Sri Lanka and Europe.

ECCSL is offering the following packages for members and non-members who wants to make use of this opportunity to enhance their brand and organization’s presence in global audience.

Platinum Package- LKR 25,000
  • Logo Placement 
  • Publish Articles/ Corporate Related News (Full Page)
  • Full Page Advertisement 
Gold Package- LKR 15,000
  • Logo Placement 
  • Publish Articles/ Corporate Related News (Half Page)
  • Half Page Advertisement 

ECCSL Newsletters Include

  • Current Business Trends and Developments 
  • ECCSL Updates and Events
  • Advocacy Related Features 
  • Membership Highlights and Trade Facilitation Information between Europe and Sri Lanka

ECCSL Newsletters Reach

  • 3000 plus Subscribers
  • Business Leaders
  • Policy Makers
  • Foreign Diplomats in Sri Lanka
  • Business Partners
  • European Trading Partners
  • ECCSL Members and Non-Members
  • Sri Lankan Missions in Europe

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