Trade Enquiries and Business Information

ECCSL provides you with access to international and local networks to help you grow networks, which gives you new opportunities to grow your business.

In addition, the ECCSL trade and investment desk can, through our networks, help with introductions to business contacts in Europe.

ECCSL can assist businesses with new opportunities to develop a better understanding of potential markets, through researching and providing up to date information and insights about the market, relevant regulations and procedures.

Help Desk 

  • Up to date information on market and business environment, government organisations and regulatory procedures.
  • Company background checks
  • Information on taxes and duties and visa requirements; visa support.
  • Company set-up and registration; submission and collection of documentation and other follow-up or support.
  • Virtual and in-person networking opportunities
  • Facilitation or support of Outbound and Inbound delegations.
  • Public relations and representation
  • Business partner search or research service
  • Procedural advice

  • Get in touch with Trade and Investment desk:
    Tel: +94 117 550016