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The European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka was founded in 1996. Its primary objective is to stimulate, strengthen and promote economic and business relations between Sri Lanka and the 51 member countries of the Europe. ECCSL broadly seeks to provide, inter-alia, efficient and professional information, advisory, consultative, promotional and representative linkages between Sri Lankan and European business entities.

ECCSL has today emerged as a dynamic association of European and local companies conducting business in Sri Lanka. The quality and scope of commercial interests represented in the membership reflects the consolidation of its strong presence in Sri Lanka.

ECCSL is governed by a Board of Directors that meet regularly to approve the entry of new members into the Chamber and to decide on proposals, initiatives and activities carried out by the Chamber. The current membership stands at 170 and is growing steadily.


To contribute

towards trade and investment flows between member states of the European Union and Sri Lanka, and foster business co-operation between these countries and Sri Lanka.

To promote

investment and commercial interests of companies and individuals residing in the member states of the European Union and in Sri Lanka.

To collect

and disseminate key market statistics and other information on trade and industry to its members.

To maintain

uniformity and clarity of rules and practices concerning commerce, industry and trade by acting on particular issues that affect European and Sri Lankan business and relations.

To increase

and sustain member interests in trade and industry and assist companies in Europe and Sri Lanka to establish long-term commercial links and partnerships.

To provide

a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas on commerce, industry and trade between Sri Lanka and the member countries of the European Union.

To exchange

opinions and views and maintain cordial relations with other Chambers of Commerce and similar associations in Sri Lanka, the Asian region, and with the member states of the European Union.


To be The Voice & window to business with the European Union on trade, investment and competitiveness issues in Sri Lanka.


  • To be the most valued European Business support partner in Sri Lanka
  • To be the representation body for EU business in the country.
  • To be the most valued lobbying force in Sri Lanka 
  • To be a trusted discussion partner for Sri Lankan institutions and the Government.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee's primary role is to provide strategic direction for the European Chamber. The Committee members are collectively responsible for managing the European Chamber and it is chaired by the President. The Executive Committee is composed of members companies or individuals representing the European Union Member States.



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Mr. Arnold Perera


Vice President

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Mr. Hatem Rajabdeen


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