Our Advocacy

The European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (ECCSL) is the voice for business between Europe and Sri Lanka. 

As the only Chamber of Commerce dedicated to growing trade between Sri Lanka and all of the countries in Europe, our advocacy objective is to steadily improve the business climate for  European companies investing in, operating in or exporting to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan  companies exporting to or importing from Europe. 

What is Advocacy? 

As explained by David Irwin, Annabel Jackson and Penny Hawley in Advocacy for Business Associations, Advocacy is defined as ‘the act of influencing, or attempting to influence, the way that a policy maker thinks about, and acts on, an issue’. 

How does ECCSL carry out advocacy? 

  1. Identify the issues that are key to our members through the Market Action Teams of ECCSL, regular member meetings and an annual member survey.  
  2. We also consider issues raised at Sri Lanka Investor Forums and other business forums.
  3. Prepare research papers and position papers, by canvassing and validating opinions from members, through the Market Action Teams and individually. We also refer to a range of third-party materials including working papers of European Governments, International Financial Institutions, and other authoritative organizations. 
  4. Present these Position Papers to top policymakers including Government officials, Ministries, and lawmakers, highlighting the issues, the need for reform, and our proposals. This may be done with a European Ambassador or other diplomat.
  5. We target presenting at least one position paper each year.